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FF: Rikku smile by prechu
FF: Rikku smile

It's been a while since my last update and I've been very busy with my job and getting this cosplay done in time for Lbm but I manged it and am very happy about that!
I hope you like it as much as I do! (And this shot which is kind of my fav <3)

character/Series: Rikku [Final Fantasy X-II - Alchemist/ Item-Schütze]
Prechu Cosplay as Rikku
costume, make-up done by me
Thank's a lot to Gucci/ :icondinocavallone: (and some others) for helping me all day!

picture and edit by :iconaco-rea: /
Thanks again honey!

For more updates please look here:…
Magi: Ren siblings by prechu
Magi: Ren siblings
Have another picture of that awesome Kou-Empire shooting from (nearly) two years ago!

I found an awesome Fanart of these two and wanted to portray it....we changed it quite a lot in the end but I still love the result! Even thought it kind of looks like the two are lovers - I see them as very close siblings and wanted to show how close they are :3
(does my rambling speech makes any sense?)

Hakuryuu  - me
Hakuei  - :iconnatsuki2:
/ Uni-chan Cosplay

Hakuryuu's costume, make-up and weapon done by me

photo and edit by :iconmidgard1612: / Midgard Photography & Cosplay

I'm more active on my FB-account so you can see more over there:…
Magi: ready to fight by prechu
Magi: ready to fight

I'm just so bad with titles...
Hakuryuu again because I just love the shots!
I will upload some group shots in the next days, too, because Love³!♥

character/series: Hakuryuu Ren [Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic]
cospalyer: Prechu Cosplay / me
costume and make-up done by me
photo and edit by awesome :iconmidgard1612:/ Midgard Photography & Cosplay
Thanks again for that!

What do you say?

Cosplay Meme 2015   Template By Chikarasan-d88b1pv by prechu
Cosplay Meme 2015 Template By Chikarasan-d88b1pv
Hey guys!

How are you?
I'm not that active at the moment because life's keeping my busy but I'm enjoying it, too!
I'm trying to get some things done in the next weeks because I'm highly motivated and really did miss working on cosplay stuff!
It's kind of frustrating to have so many ideas and being not able to realize them!
Many of them kept on piling up the whole year since I couldn't do as many cosplays this year as planned, so keep your eyes open since I try to come up with lots of cool stuff next year ;3

Here are the things which I really want to cosplay next year:

Yaku Morisuke               - Nekoma                                                          - Haikyuu! with my group <3
Ren Hakuryuu               - Djinn Equip                                                      - Magi also with group ( will be my death lol)
LisaLisa                        - another Version as shown, not yet decided    - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with ma little group<3
Suzie Q                        - her standard anime outfit                                - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with theheheheh<3
Boomer                        - Mookie version / RowdyRuffBoys                      - PowerPuffGirls with :iconca-g-e: and :icondinocavallone:
Kumo Chuutaro           - standard version                                               - Donten Ni Warau with group<3
Rikku                           - Alchemist                                                           - Final Fantasy x-II (because it's kind of a dream)
Mikoshiba Momotarou - Samezuka jersey                                              - with group<3
Shirayuri Hime             - version as shown                                             - Zone-00 with group/ma cute dog(gies<3)
Jack                             - version as shown                                             - Final Fantasy Type 0 with group

Things I'll maybe do next year:

Alone                           - version as shown                                            - Saint Seiya Lost Canvas with :iconchibinis-chan: & :iconarulithia:
Ren Hakuryuu               - standard version                                            - Magi with group?
Shinobou                      - Nisemonogatari                                               - Monogatari-Series with :icondinocavallone: and others
Yamada Aguri               - festival version - overworked                          - Adekan (+ with group?)
Seragaki Aoba              - standard                                                         - Dramatical Murder
Bunta Marui                  - version as shown                                            - Prince of Tennis with group
Tsunemori Akane         - normal and new version?                                 - Psycho Pass (+2) with :icondinocavallone: and others<3
Saluja Alibaba              - Arabian version                                                - Magi
Son Goku                     - Reload                                                              - Saiyuki Reload with :iconca-g-e: and :icondinocavallone:
Kanbara Akihito           - version as shown                                             - Kyoukai no Kinata
Shidou Hikaru              - version as shown                                             - Magic Knight Rayearth

There are also a lot of other old cosplays which I want to shoot next year (or actually for years) and I'm highly motivated to get that done step by step!<3

original Meme as done by :iconchikarasan:

As usual for more updates and Infos please visit me on FB<3:…
Haikyuu!!/HQ: let's make peace by prechu
Haikyuu!!/HQ: let's make peace
Here comes another shot from our Haikyuu! Shooting back in may!
It was so much fun hanging out and trying to play Volley with my team! Precious memory's.
I wanted to do this scene because I totally love making faces and this scene was just to good to be left out xDDDD

character: Hinata Shouyou, Kageyama [Haikyuu!!]
Cosplayer: prechu as Hinata
Takeshi Cosplay  / :icondinocavallone: as Kageyama Tobio / :icontaadaah: as Yamaguchi Tadashi
Cage Cosplay  / :iconca-g-e: as Tsukishima Kei

photo by vw
edit by
:iconca-g-e: Thanks to both of you!

As always I would be glad if you could take a look at my selling post here since I updated it a bit!
You send me a message at DA or here if you are interested in something!…


Well, hello~!
I think this page is a great way of exchanging opinions and great artwork so let's be nice and respect each others efforts~

As for myself:
I'm a university student and love cosplaying. I find great pleasure in photography recently but I am undecided if I will post pictures, maybe on another account.
So here you will only see cosplay-pictures of myself and some together with friends..
I hope you enjoy them ^-^

Current Residence: Frankfurt am Main
Favourite genre of music: rock

selling cosplays!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 3:12 AM
Hello again~
I want to sell a few cosplays or parts of them in the next time and even if some things are a little bit older I hope I can find someone who still will be having fun with them!

If you are interested please feel free to contact me!♥

Shirayuri Hime's old dress and wig if someone is interested in it as well! 
Zone-00: sunlight by prechu

Yukimura Chizuru from Hakouki in her western uniform. I can send you more pictures if you want.
The cosplay does not include the black vest, the black trousers or the shoes. 
If you want the wig will be included as well.
HSK: wondering about the guys by prechu

Inuzuka Kiba from Naruto Shipuuden.
Cosplay includes the leather jacket as well as the trousers, shoes (size 39/40) as well as the undershirt if you want.
Naruto: chilling by prechu

Kururugi Suzaku - the coat and scarf as well as the wig if you are interested!
CG: purity of soul by prechu

Code Geass - Ahsford girls uniform!
CG: schoolgirls 2 by prechu

Dokoru Chrome's valentine's outfit as well as the wig! 
KHR: Valentine's present by prechu


Arrancer-Mask Ggio Vega / Bleach
can also be used for something different ;D
material: fimo-air and acrylic paint!

 light blue/ iceblue wig
never worn!
seller was Cosplay-wig!

yellow-blonde wig
worn 2 times!

black wig
I cut out one strand in the side (as shown in the picture) which was white but I still got them.

hairpiece black 65cm

off-white wig

worn 4 times

It would be cool, if you can recommend this post as well!

Thanks for your attention!:heart:

...Art by Atomic-Clover...
  • Listening to: Exo - Mama

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